Sunday, January 3, 2010

{ LBM: The Montage Photo Shoot }

In late January, the talented floral designer Hannah Koo and I were invited to participate in a series of photo shoots throughout the city of Laguna Beach. We donated several blushing arrangements and bouquets for bridal shoots to be featured in an upcoming special wedding edition of Laguna Beach Magazine.

LBM - jpegs5

LBM - jpegs3

LBM - jpegs4

De La Rose - Montage Photo Shoot 004

montage photo shoot - mosaic
The final location of the shoot was at the spectacular oceanfront Montage Resort & Spa. The photographs were done by the talented Baldemar Fierro. The shoot consisted of a series of events: a proposal on the beach, followed by a romantic lunch in the room, then an afternoon at the spa, and finally a classy dinner at Montage's 5-star restaurant. The images were later published in Laguna Beach Magazine: The Wedding Issue.

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