Saturday, March 20, 2010

{ The Harborside Pavillion - Newport Beach }

The Hadley's Newport Beach reception was absolutely beautiful! After setting all of the arrangements I snapped this photo of one of the tables to show off just how amazing everything turned out. Don't you love the look of her classic black and white decor with the pop of red floral? So romantic! Thanks again Bryan & Maryann for giving me the opportunity to share in your special day. Many congratulations!

red flowers


Unknown said...

Aubrey...your work is stunning! I am so very impressed. It's been a year since H.B. conf, it's so great to follow your work on your blog!

F R O M O N E, T O T H R E E . . . said...

wow aubs! they look great. i didnt even know you ended up doing their flowers. thats great! you r so talented!! and have such a good eye. loves

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