Friday, May 7, 2010

{ Mother's Day Arrangements }

I had so much fun up at the LA Flower Mart this morning! I just couldn't get enough of all the spring flowers in bloom. It was seriously a tough decision to pick which flowers I wanted to use for all my Mother's Day orders, but after seeing the gorgeous hydrangea in all their bold and beautiful colors, I was sold! And I just had to have some of those gorgeous viburnum. And oh how I wish you could smell those peonies! They are fragrant beyond belief! I hope the recipients enjoy these arrangements as much as I did. Happy Mother's Day!





{FLOWERS: hydrangea, viburnum, peonies, astilbe }


Bracken and Bracken said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous!! Great job :)

Crystal said...

i love hydrangea. If I had my wedding over I would definitely use them in my bouquet ; ) I don't live anywhere near you but I came across your blog a while ago and like to check in on all the beautiful stuff you do : )

melissa said...

my mom LOVED her arrangement! she couldn't get over how amazing the peonies smelled! thank you!

Kim Messick said...

Those are so beautiful! And the peonies really do smell amazing!

Aubrey Laidlaw said...

Melissa! So happy to hear your Mom loved her arrangement. Those peonies were out-of-this-world fragrant! It was hard for me to part with them. Haha! :) LOVE YOU!!!

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