Monday, February 15, 2010

{ Valentines Day 2010 }

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day this year! I might not have had a special Valentine to spend the day with, but I sure enjoyed me some beautiful flowers all day long! Among all the many, many arrangements I made this weekend, this was one of my favorites.

I shared this special piece made with fringed tulips, hydrangea, succulents, cymbidiums, and roses with my wonderful parents. I hope rhey know how much I truly love and appreciate all they have done and continue to do for me! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{ Artisan Productions Presents...}

Check out the highlights of Jeriann and Travis’s wedding at the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach. Such a beautiful day for such a beautiful couple! Congratulations again Jeriann & Travis.

Video Courtesy :: Artisan Productions

Friday, February 5, 2010

{ A Winter Wedding At The Montage }

I can't say enough wonderful things about the beautiful bride Jeriann and her adoring husband Travis. Back in December, the talented designer Hannah Koo and I had the pleasure of designing the flowers for their wedding at The Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. The two were just an absolute joy to work with. I've never met a couple more in love!

Now let's fast forward to this morning. While going through my emails, I found the most wonderful email from Jeriann in my inbox, along with a myriad of photographs, and was absolutely overjoyed as I read through it. I thought I'd share little snippets of it with you, along with some of the incredible images from her special day.


"...Travis and I are in the process of writing our thank you notes and we just can't seem to say enough about how wonderful everything was. Including the amazing work you and Hannah put into completing our vision. We were so thrilled..."


"...Thank you for all your hard work. I know I have no idea the amount of time and energy you put into making our floral arrangements..."




"...Good luck with your venture into the florist business. I know you will be very successful. I will MOST DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone who is in need of an awesome florist. Thanks again for everything!"


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