Thursday, June 6, 2013

{ Robert & Wendy : Hollywood Art Deco }

I love brides that know how to think out of the box! I mean, it's always fun no matter what the wedding style, but when a bride comes to you and says things like "Hollywood glam," "art deco," and "rock 'n' roll" you get a little excited!

It all started with the gorgeous art deco vases we found for the centerpieces and the idea of antique 1920's brooches for the bridal bouquet that got us started in the right direction. And judging by this email from the bride, I think we nailed it...

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such beautiful flowers for me!!! We just got back from our honeymoon but I've been wanting to be sure you know how much I loved them! I got so many compliments! The brooch bouquet was rad and I loved the centerpieces! So beautiful!!! You do amazing work."

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D said...

I loved the vases so much that one traveled all the way back to Chicago with me! Loved the flowers--they were gorgeous. I wish they too could have survived the journey. Beautiful job as usual, Aubs!

Kim Messick said...

I loved the vintage brooches in the bouquet and table centerpieces! So great!

Anonymous said...

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